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  • cdl training Phoenix AZ
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    CDL Training Phoenix AZ
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    Best training Phoenix cdl
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The fastest way to get your cdl license for low price CDL DRIVER Check out our PRICE and promise.

Cdl School In Phoenix .

Cdl School In Phoenix is a truck driving school help students in Phoenix valley wide, we teaching you to pass only clas A CDL commercial driver license the schools give you the training needed to earn a commercial driver's license (CDL) class A, which is needed to drive a commercial vehicle in Phoenix Arizona and all USA states.

Truck driving school Phoenix Our Mission

To create a one-on-one driving instruction environment for those seeking a class A License CDL Truck Training www.arizonacdlschool.com provides a high quality, comprehensive and more important NO HIDDEN COSTS! one payment, thats it!
professional tractor-trailer driving course. Your training is important to us. We believe you learn to drive by driving. We value our students, their training, and their safety Unlike many other driving
schools, our training program offers one-on-one driver training. You will not find groups of students crowded into a single truck. A Complete Range of Truck Driver Training
CDL Pass or Pass is Truck Driver Training. provides high quality driver training programs for men and women who want to pursue a rewarding career in the transportation industry. Our programs offer each individual with the technical skills necessary to successfully start a satisfying and new career.
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One On One Training

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English Training

Nuestro entrenamiento es tambien en espanol

Low cost training

We have the BEST price in Phoenix CDL schools.

Job Placement

We help you to get job

No Hiden Costs


Online Training Too


Our Promise Pass or Pass


CDL Schhol is in Phoenix


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The price is low for the cdl training included everything to pass de cdl test for the MVD in Phoenix
No tenemos que cobrar $6000 dolares para decir que somos una escuela que ayuda a conseguir la licensia clase A.
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CDL Driver is the way Great Future Job Wherever about CDL school Phoenix Arizona...

Why Pay More for the CDL Training.

CDL School Phoenix, TX Why Pay More?

CDL Training Phoenix

Are you looking for a professional truck driving school? Truck driver training is LOW PRICE, CDL School in Phoenix Arizona give you full affordable CDL Class A training! everything for Low Price in Arizona one on one.

We are Dependables!

To get your commercial driver's license you must pass the CDL tests.


CDL School Phoenix,Arizona how are we different?

The Price is really importnat and most schools require that you get your permit before class starts. This is putting the cart before the horse. Our first week of class is designed to go
over the information in the computers guide. It’s fun, informative, interactive and makes it easier to pass the written tests at the DOL. We set up your DOT physical and drug test. You don’t need to worry about when & where you are supposed to be, we walk you through the entire process. We also set up your skills test with the state.
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Are you looking for a professional truck driving school?

Truck driver training is LOW PRICE, CDL School in Phoenix Arizona give you full affordable CDL Class A training! everything for Low Price in Arizona one on one To get your commercial driver's
license you must pass the CDL tests cdl class A in Phoenix Arizona. We are Dependables!
Why CDL school Phoenix?
CDL School Phoenix is a  drivers School is your first step to entering successfully into Professional Trucking. Over the past 12 years we help in the  schools for training entry-level
drivers. We’ve prepared more than 5000 men and women to take the road with our really easy commercial driver license (CDL) class A training program.

How much is the cost for the course class A license ?

CDL TRAINING Phoenix HAVE A COST Low Price in Arizona CDL Training!Whether you are looking to transform you life to a profitable, new career or just want to experience the open road, Professional Truck Driving School is the place to start, we don’t have extra hidden costs promise, the cost is $900 no hidden charges in cdl training Phoenix

Puedo tomar los examenes en espanol – Spanish ?

No el estado de Arizona no permite tomar los examenes en el idioma espanol, sin embargo nosotros tenemos las preguntas traducidas del idioma ingles al espanol , esto ayuda a quienes no comprenden bien el ingles apasar los examenes.Ustedpuede acceder a nuestra escuela desde su casa.


Truck Driving School  , all days a week we are working!
Where is located the CDL school www.arizonacdlschool.com ?
Is in Phoenix Arizona the  CDL Training School. Our Program has an EXCEPTIONALLY SUCCESSFUL track record! Our students are
trained to be SAFE & SKILLED Drivers who are ready to get their CDL License and to pass the state skills test. We are dedicated to helping each of our students succeed and begin their career as a Professional Driver. We are conveniently located near Freeway 90 in Phoenix Arizona, giving you easy access to our small but gently office.

It is difficult to learn to drive a truck?

No is easy, you will receive your training from good Instructors. We have licensed, Professional Driver Trainers who are training our students! We are also located on a Trucking Office. Our office & equipment are professional and clean. Our Range is on a black-top surface and we have tons of “live” docks to back up to. You will learn how to drive a semi truck with ONLY
you and your Instructor in the truck at one time. (One-on-One Training) Our Program is designed to make you a safe and confident driver. Our class size is intentionally smaller, to give our students maximum time with Instructors.

I don't have time to follow my destiny, im making my own!

How long is the CDL training ?

In just a few short weeks you will learn a skill that leads to a great career in an industry offering a surplus of jobs with generous incomes and benefits in cdl school Phoenix Arizona.
Obtaining a Commercial Drivers License, CDL, is a smart career move. The truck driving industry is suffering from a national driver shortage, which is projected to significantly increase over the next few years. Think about it; most everything travels by truck at some point, and trucking companies are eager to hire safe, dependable and skilled drivers. As other industries cut positions, job seekers are making the transition into a career they can rely on. The skills you will learn in www.arizonacdlschool.com!

What is JOB placement ?

With Class A-CDL in cdl school Phoenix Semi Truck driving jobs in high demand, truck drivers have peace of mind knowing their jobs and salaries are secure. With a multitude of job openings nationwide we have a big data base with the jobs openings in the moment, you will have confidence in your new career to provide you and your family with a consistent income and a path to a solid retirement. This profession i is WHY we exist! We are dedicated to our students and we want YOU to SUCCEED! .........Our Promise is Pass or Pass
Are you looking for a professional truck driving school ?
for a CDL Training School in Phoenix Arizona, our promise is “Pass or Pass” is proud to provide a quality class one on one, for really low price.

CDL Phoenix is Good for You for the PRICE and Our Promise "pass or pass"!

Welcome promise you will Pass or Pass!. Consider us your complete CDL school training Phoenix Arizona. Whether you are looking to transform you life to a profitable, new career or just want to experience the open road, Professional Truck Driving School is the place to start.

 Frequently Questions Call Bernardo for answers!
Our questions to you:

•“Do you want to obtain your CDL in Phoenix?”

•“Do you need to get back to work?”

•“Do you know of anyone who needs their CDL to advance to a better position?”

•“Do you need to retrain or refresh your truck driving skills thi is really easy here in cdl school Phoenix?”

•“Are you in need of a well trained driver? ”

Trucking School Is It For You?

Are you confused about whether you require a CDL License or an ordinary one? CDL stands for Commercial Driver's License and it is a requirement in the United States in case you wish to drive a certain type of vehicle. Each state has its own requirements for this license and the federal government has certain stipulations as well. In fact, it is best if you found out the exact requirements for your particular state before you apply for this license. It is also very important if you might be driving from one state to another. Mr. cdl school Phoenix Arizona,  623-792-0017, from Phoenix, Arizona, www.arizonacdlschool.com, is the professional individual to get contact with.

Do you need a license to driving very large vehicles?

You will need a CDL license in case you will be driving very large vehicles, specifically a vehicle that weighs more than 26,001 pounds. In case you will be using your vehicle to tow another one, then you will need this license if their combined weight is 26,001 pounds or more as long as the weight of the towed vehicle is more than 10,000 pounds. This license is also a
necessity in case you will be using your vehicle to transport hazardous vehicles.

Where to obtain a CDL license class A?

This license can be obtain from cdl school Phoenix Arizona,  623-792-0017, CDL School, at Phoenix, Arizona. Is an absolute necessity in case you wish to apply for a job driving
commercial vehicles. You will be asked to apply for this job only if you have the required permission from the government. However, you might still need to get commercially licensed even if you do not wish to apply for such a job.
What happen If you drive a vehicle that can accommodate a minimum of 16 persons (including the driver)?

What happen if the vehicle have more that 26,001 pounds ?

You will require this CDL license from cdl school Phoenix Arizona,  623-792-0017, here at Phoenix, Arizona. If the vehicle is a private one and does not weigh 26,001 pounds. For
instance, you might purchase a bus for the use of your extended family or employees at work. Even if it is not used commercially federal regulations state that only a properly licensed driver can get behind the wheel. Similarly, you might need this license in case you use your pickup truck to haul a boat or a trailer that weighs more than 10,000 pounds.

RV need special license ?

You might also need to obtain a CDL license from cdl school Phoenix Arizona,  623-792-0017,  In case you will be driving around in a large Truck trailer. The licensing requirements in connection with an truck trailer vary from state to state and you should find out about this before you head out on your road trip. If your RV is larger than 45 feet then it is quite certain
that you will need this license. You can also be quite sure of needing this license if your RV will be used to tow a heavy trailer weighing more than 10,001 lbs. or two trailers one
attached to the other.

In fact, you should just go ahead and get this particular bit of permission  in case you are planning to travel throughout the United States in your RV. It will have to contact cdl school Phoenix Arizona,  623-792-0017, for CDL license so that you are always prepared to drive in any location and haul as much weight as your truck can manage.